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    NEDonBoard, How to become an effective Non-Executive Director

  • Course Overview

    NEDonBoard, 1 Day How to Become an Effective Non-Executive Director


    This specialised course is intended to business leaders on track to become non-executive directors, committee chairing roles, board members or those newly in a non-exec role. It is designed to also benefit directors and stakeholders needing to strengthen their knowledge in implementing an effective Boardroom.

    The course will provide you with insight to secure, prepare and meet the challenge of your Board meetings.

    Split into three sessions, the course will cover the following:


    • How to effectively apply and position yourself for NED roles


    • What are your duties and liabilities as a Non-executive Director


    • How do you run a Board effectively in practice
  • NEDonBoard, 1 Day How to Become an Effective Non-Executive Director


    Key Benefits

    • Know how to secure the right board position for you
    • Ensure you know the key foundations for a Non-Executive Board role
    • Ultimately, become an effective Board member

    Core Content

    • Correctly assess your legal, regulatory and behavioural responsibility
    • What are your duties and liabilities as a Non-Executive Director?
    • How do you demonstrate effective behaviour in the Boardroom?
    • How do you run a Board in practice and what are the challenges you will face?
    • What does the Board expect from you?
    • How do you add value in the Boardroom?
    • How to secure you first role: a session on leading NED role opportunities
    • How to present your CV,  character and skills set to exhibit with examples, to negotiate financial reward and to prepare for your interview
    • Navigate the landscape of Board positions. Depending on those attending this will include public sector, social enterprises, SMEs, charities and FTSE appointments
  • You Will Learn How To:

    develop, build and thrive in your NED portfolio career

    Learn the difference between Executive Director vs. Non-Executive Director, trustee, SID, chairman or member of Board level committees and decide if it is a direction you want to pursue

    Learn about the role and your legal duties. Where and how to apply for Non-Executive Director positions and fine tune your knowledge of the duties and liabilities of being a NED

    Understand what a successful NED application looks like and how you need to position yourself to land your next Non-Executive Director role

    Gain insights and understanding on how to be an effective NED in the Boardroom. Be ready for your first or next Board meeting

  • Janice Steed, Associate at Ashridge Hult

    'Extremely well structured. Excellent: well presented, engaging & relevant. Really useful.'

    Tim Moore, CTO

    'Great course and speakers, there was much to learn and enjoy. Excellent tools to illustrate the concepts discussed.'

    Malcom Ward, Experienced Non Executive Director in the Environmental sector

    'A very useful day. Professional and well run.'

    H. Cohen, broad executive career experience covering project management, business management and consultancy

    'A much deeper understanding of the NED role, the effective management of Boards, and the NED selection process.'

    Joe Mensah-Dankwah, Director, Foresters Solicitors

    'What I really like: That I can work towards achieving my objective. A precise statement of the duties & responsibilities of a NED. Understanding the culture within the boardroom.'

    M. Heaton, change leader with a proven track record products and marketing, operations, strategy.

    'The opportunity to understand more about the best way to present your CV, develop more targeted approaches to securing NED roles and once in role the way to be most effective in working within and collectively acting as a Board.'

    Lionel Jones, Director, Battersea Power Station Development Company

    'Excellent, Loads of content, there's a book there!'

    David Barry, Global Sales Director

    'All three presentations were excellent. I have a much better idea of how to pursue this further.'

  • Why Fast Track Your Non-Exec Career With Us?

    For a Board position, quality matters


    Our course leaders are well recognised experts, not only in their field of speciality, but also in the non-exec space. With numerous events every month and dedicated Clubs for experienced NEDs and board experts, we regularly provide guidance and professional development to the non-exec community.

    Risk Free

    Our course is risk free. We are consistently delivering high value courses for the Non-Executive Director community. We also put our money where our words are: if you believe the course is not for you after attending it, we offer a complete refund. Please see booking condition for details.


    As the professional body for non-executive directors, we serve board members and business leaders to accomplish their professional objectives by giving access to non-execs, chairs and trustee roles provided by organisations such as: SMEs, Start-Up, Charities, FTSE 350, NHS or the Cabinet Office.

    Non-Exec Communty

    When you join one of our courses, you become part of the non-exec community. You will not only receive our free newsletter which includes an offering of NED roles and expert guidance but also exclusive invitations to events across the UK. You will have the opportunity to join one of our Clubs: Club Women on Board, Club SMEs, Club Audit Committee, Club FTSE 350, Club Public Organisations, Club Trustee.

  • You're in Good Company

    Customers who use our services to find Non-Executive Directors

  • Course Leaders

    Marianne Macdonald

    Director of Non-executive Directorships

    In 2016 Marianne established Non-executive Directorships Consulting, a London-based consultancy offering expert and impartial guidance to those

    seeking a NED role alongside an executive role or to create or refresh a non-executive portfolio.

    Previously, Marianne worked in the non-executive practice of The Zygos Partnership, the UK’s leading board search firm in the non-executive space. The Zygos Partnership places 60 – 90 non-executive directors and chairmen per annum onto both listed and private boards. Her non-executive search experience spans all sectors, including FS, professional services, FMCG, aerospace and defence, industrial, retail and utilities,


    Mark Cardale

    Director of Sanctuary Governance Ltd

    Mark writes and lectures extensively on corporate governance and related topics, and is the current editor of A Practical Guide to Corporate Governance, published by Sweet & Maxwell in 2014.

    Mark worked for many years as a corporate lawyer with Slaughter and May, and acquired an interest in governance while head of the firm’s then New York office during the era of Enron and other corporate accounting scandals in the US. Subsequently he worked with AIM companies as a partner in a smaller firm in London.

    Sharon Constancon

    Chief Executive of Genius Methods

    Sharon is the CEO of Genius Methods - a company that offers tailored robust, behaviour focused board evaluation services to many industries, listed entities and regulated businesses. She has a well attested reputation for providing confidential, straightforward, honest and effective Board Evaluations which have very successfully enabled Boards to improve performance. She is a Chartered Director, Chartered Secretary, has an MBA and is Chairman of the South African Chamber of Commerce, a Non-Executive Director for Caban Capital plc and Committee Member for the CISI International Committee. Sharon was awarded the SACC Woman in Business Award in 2013 and in 2015.

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  • NEDonBoard

    NEDonBoard is the professional body for non-executive directors in the UK. We serve non-executive directors by promoting the highest standards of professional excellence, ethics and education for board members. We provide a professional network for NEDs, job board, news, events and insights to enhance non-executive director life. Our mission is not only to serve non-execs, but improve how businesses and organisations operate in the UK. We believe every board member is an agent of progress and each organisation should find its own way.

  • Experienced Non-Executive Directors

    -Advice From Their NED Careers-

    NEDonBoard Event

    Neil Davidson on FTSE 100 Non-Executive Directorships

    Advice from an experienced FTSE Non-exec

    NEDonBoard Interview with Neil Davidson, FTSE 100 Non-Exec. Neil shares his advice on Non-Executive Director vs. exexcutive director, Non-Executive Director pay and the evolution of the role

    Nick Beecroft on Financial Non-Exec Career Advice

    Looking to become a non-exec: Advice from experienced financial services NED

    NEDonBoard Interview with Nick Beecroft, an experienced Non-Executive Director and CEO of HP Economics. Nick shared with NEDonBoard advice for Non-Executive Directors in the financial services industry

    Gillian Wilmot on Non-Exec Role Advice

    Insights from a NED Award Winner. Non-Executive Director training

    Gillian Wilmot, NED Award Winner 2014, shares her insights, especially interesting to hear her thoughts on unpaid and paid NED roles and the value of some unpaid roles for building your portfolio career

    Denise Wilson, OBE, on Non-Exec Women Responsabilities

    Information on Women on Board trend, diversity and Board evolution

    NEDonBoard Interview with Denise Wilson, OBE, Chief Exec of The Davies Review. Denise spoke with NEDonBoard about the progress and future development of women on Boards. Insightful for both women Board members, as well as Boards considering the importance of diversity of thought in the Boardroom.

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